Whistleblower system at the University of Arts Linz
The whistleblower system at the University of Arts Linz is intended for people who have become aware of legal violations which are relevant for reporting according to the Whistleblower Protection Act ("HinweisgeberInnenschutzgesetz - HSchG" BGBl I Nr. 6/2023) applicable since February 2023. The online whistleblowing system was introduced specifically to allow you to voluntarily report (suspected) violations – anonymously, if you wish.

Of course, regardless of the online system, you may still report legal violations to existing bodies of the University of Arts Linz, e.g., the works council, the equal opportunities working party, safety officers, disability representatives or the student union. Furthermore, you can contact external reporting offices such as the Federal Bureau of Anti-Corruption, the Financial Market Authority or the Money Laundering Reporting Office.

Only designated employees of the university’s legal and personnel department have access to the strictly confidential reports submitted via the online whistleblower system. After reviewing and assessing a submitted report, the responsible employees will arrange further steps if necessary. Within a period of three months, whistleblowers will be informed if further action has been taken or not. Reporting possible internal violations may help raise awareness for risks and develop measures for the prevention of hazards and legal infringements. Against this background, we ask you to submit your report as detailed as possible. In the course of the process, you may be asked to submit evidence such as documents substantiating the suspected violations. You may submit your report with your name or anonymously. If you wish, a personal meeting can be arranged. You can always add further information to your report later. In any case, the University of Arts Linz will ensure confidential and diligent processing of all whistleblower reports. You need not fear any retaliatory measures by the university as a response to your whistleblowing activity – they are forbidden by law. However, if you knowingly submit a false report, you commit an administrative offence, punishable by a fine up to EUR 20.000,-- according to § 24 HSchG, and in the event of a second offence up to EUR 40.000,--.